How To Maintain Confidence While Dealing With Incontinence

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Purple and white flowers growing in a backyardWhen you are someone who lives with bladder leakage, it can be really easy to get down on yourself. You feel badly about what you have to deal with every day and insecure about how you may look to others. Even if no one in the world knows, it can be difficult to maintain confidence while dealing with your incontinence. 

There is hope though! There are ways that you can help build your confidence even if nothing ever changes with your medical challenges. Here are some ideas that will help you no matter how serious your incontinence difficulties are. 

Get Some Great Clothes Or A Haircut

When you feel good on the outside, you feel better on the inside. Pick up a few articles of clothing that make you feel confident. Choose a lively color or shape that you might not have otherwise chosen just for fun. You want something that will bring a smile to your face. 

Not a big shopper or a little tight on funds? Go get a new haircut. Look for a style in magazines or online that you’d like to try and see what the stylist can do for you. When we do something different, we feel different. And when we’re trying to gain confidence, different can be good. 

Get Some Exercise In

When we get down on our bodies, it is important to remember that they can do more than we give them credit for. Exercise doesn’t have to be full on push ups, sit ups and marathon running.

You know the limits of your body. If you have trouble with the lower half of your body, try lifting some smaller weights or soup cans. Do what you can to prove to your mind that your body is stronger than you thought. 

Try Something New – And Complete Something

We feel good about ourselves when we can give ourselves credit. Find something new to do or continue a hobby that you started and put down. Are you halfway through knitting a scarf or finishing a jigsaw puzzle? Sit down and finish it! Give yourself that pat on the back for completing something that you started. 

Have you been wanting to start a garden, decorate the living room, learn to cook a souffle or repair some things around the house? This is the time.

Do something that will make you feel good about yourself when you complete it. And if you’re watching your budget, this is also a great time to try out the new Depend Silhouette Underwear Variety Pack at Target.

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List Your Positive Traits

Sometimes when we need an emotional boost, we have to get it from ourselves. Do yourself a favor and create a list of all of the awesome things about you. Keep adding to it!

Maybe today you can only think of three things and tomorrow you may think of only one, but if you keep a running list of how amazing you are, you’ll be shocked at how long that list gets. When you’re having some rough moments, break out that list and remind yourself that you’re pretty incredible. 

It’s Not All About You

One of the most important things to remember about struggling with incontinence is that this is a you issue. It can be frustrating to deal with and it can most certainly make you feel insecure, but everyone has those issues.

Everyone is managing a “thing” or multiple things that they don’t want anyone else to know about. And because everyone is so busy thinking about their own insecurities, they more than likely aren’t thinking about yours.

Give yourself a break and remember that this is one of those times where you can be thankful that it’s not all about you. 

Dealing with the emotional insecurities related to bladder leakage really are a challenge, but there are things that you can do to combat them. Build your confidence in other areas and you’ll find that this one will become less important to your self image over time.

Just because your body may not be acting the way you would want it to doesn’t mean that you aren’t an incredible human. Live in those positive feelings for a while and see how your confidence improves. 

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