50 Questions To Help You Be The Best Version Of You

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Learning to be the best version of you is often learning what questions to ask yourself. Let these help you get on the right path to growth.

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How To Be Your Best Self

Trying to figure yourself out can be a challenge. After all, you know yourself better than anyone, but you are also the best at making excuses for bad habits and unhealthy choices. We all do it! 

Becoming the best version of you is a process. It isn’t something anyone does overnight and it isn’t something anyone can do without having gone through some challenging times. If everything was always sunshine and rainbows, how could you possibly know who you are? 

That said, if you want to be the best version of yourself, you need to set that intention. It is time to give up the excuses, damaging current beliefs, and any victimizations that you might carry, and really try to figure it out. Go on a journey of authentic self-discovery. Because the truth is, being the best you is also completely up to you. 

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

There are many ways to begin your own path to personal growth, but the first step is moving out of your comfort zone. A comfort zone is called that for a reason – there are no new challenges because it remains the status quo.

It makes total sense to want to experience life through the lens of walking around with a security blanket, but the flip side of that often includes bad behavior, negative self-talk, and false beliefs.

We all know they’re there lingering – we can be our own worst enemies – but it’s just easier to keep on going that way. 

It’s time to make a change! It is time for you to decide to be your best friend and drive yourself out of the current version of you so that you can use those tough times and small wins to their full potential. 

Go On A Journey Of Self-Empowerment

Part of making changes is making you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Being your best self means different things to different people, so think about what positive changes you want to make in your life. 

For some people, getting off of social media and into the real world is a good idea. For others, getting rid of unhealthy foods and taking good care of their mental health is the means to a better life. 

The key is to look inward. To think about what small changes could yield positive things. It is never a bad time to work on improving your mental and physical health. 

Do Good Things

It may be cliché, but one of the best things that you can do to help yourself is to help others. When you make a conscious effort to assist different people, you will see the rewards within yourself. 

These can be little things and don’t have to take much time. Speak a friendly word or smile at someone. Offer to walk someone’s dog or take their car to get washed. And then spend a few minutes with the person you’re helping.

One of the great things about helping someone else is that you get access to different perspectives. You get to see a little bit about what someone else’s life is like.

And one of the long term gains, when you truly open yourself up to new people and their stories, is that you will slowly become a better version of you. 

Ask Yourself Better Questions

If you’ve ever been in therapy, you know that it sometimes comes with homework. It often includes things like journaling (for which you may need some therapy journal prompts), reading self-help books (even if you don’t read the entire thing), or writing letters to others (that you can share or burn – they are for you, not necessarily the other person).

Well my friend, if you want to be the best version of you, it is time to bring yourself back to the table and figure out what makes you tick – and what doesn’t. 

We all doubt ourselves sometimes. We all get angry with ourselves and wish that we had done things differently. Regrets are not unusual or something you need to punish yourself for, but they should be moments in your life that you can learn from.

If you can embrace failure and find the important things that are waiting to be seen in different areas of your life, you’ll find the best possible version of yourself. The person who may have had a hard time, but still has unconditional love for others and takes baby steps towards personal development.

You don’t have to become a new person, you just have to find new ways to let go of whatever limiting beliefs you may cling to.  

It is time to ask yourself some really important questions that only you can answer. If you give yourself some time with each, you will end up with a clear picture and discover some amazing things about yourself.

Consider these questions your homework on the path to becoming a better person who has an entire life ahead of them. 

Write It Down

The best thing you can do to set yourself up for peak performance with these questions is to write down your answers. Pick up a writing journal or a notebook from your local store and get to writing.

This doesn’t have to be something you do on a daily basis – you can work on one question for a couple of months – but a great way to keep yourself organized is to put everything down in one place. 

We all manage a fear of the unknown to some degree, so you can expect to feel negative emotions or frustration with yourself while figuring out how to answer these important questions about yourself. Just know that it is always the right time to become the best you can be. 

Questions To Be The Best Version Of You

1. Am I always doing my best? 

2. Am I giving up too soon?

3. What do I like to do and why? What new things do I want to try but don’t try? (Hobbies, pass-times, activities)

4. What are my flaws, and what is the best way to work on them?

5. Do I underestimate myself from time to time? 

6. What is it that I do not like in other people?

7. Am I doing things because I want to do them or someone else wants me to do them?

8. Where do I picture myself in five years?

9. Would I still want to come back to this activity/job if I stopped doing it for a while? 

10. Is my group of friends/family the people I belong with and do I want to hang out with them? How do they affect my perception of myself?

11. What would my ideal life look like? 

12. Am I giving up on something because a task seems hard or is it that my heart was never in it?

13. What are ten things that make me happy?

14. Do I have a fear of failure or do I jump in feet first?

15. What does a perfect day look like?

16. Have I been consistent enough with my set goals?

17. Do I need to change my strategies and approaches to living my fullest potential?

18. What do I seriously detest?

19. In what areas do I need to work on myself and build new skills?

20. Have I been productive enough? If not, how can I schedule my day to make it more productive?

21. What is the most important thing to me? 

22. Do I believe something (worries, judgments, expectations) because the world has told me so? Or is it the product of my family’s beliefs?

23. What am I grateful for?

24. What is it that holds me back? How can I help change that?

25. Am I doing things to please myself or others?

26. What am I ashamed of?

27. What would I tell my future self?

28. What are some of the greatest mistakes I have made? Have I learned any lessons?

29. What is my happiest memory?

30. What is it that I love to see? (i.e. happy people, cars getting fixed, a perfectly procured lawn – use these to give yourself motivation for hobbies, jobs, etc.)

31. What are some things that make me curious? Can these be a starting point for a new career, hobby, or passion?

32. What personality traits do I have that make me doubt myself? 

33. Am I not doing things because I am afraid of failure?

34. Am I overthinking and getting scared before I even start doing things?

35. Do I believe in destiny? Why or why not?

36. Have I ever had recurring dreams? What do I think they mean?

37. Do I compare myself to others a lot? Does it make me more confident or less confident?

38. Who is my role model?

39. Were there hobbies that I loved and then abandoned? If I pick them up again, could they help drive me forward?

40. Am I intentional in life, or do I just go with the flow?

41. Have I exhausted all of my options in life/love/work? Or do I believe that there are plenty, it’s just hard to find them?

42. Am I afraid of what people think of me? Do I let it get in the way of my dreams and desires? 

43. If I ever had the chance, what would be the one thing that I would like to undo?

44. Do I rely on other people’s opinions about business or my career paths? If they say something that I do not want to hear, how do I handle it?

45. Why did I stop doing something? Was it really because of failure or did I know it wasn’t right? 

46. What do I think life is really about? 

47. Imagine advising others. What advice would I give? How can I encourage them to follow it?

48. Would my ideal self be proud of me? Why or why not?

49. What is my idea of a better world? How would I want to contribute to it?

50. When I get good news, does it lead to negative thoughts or a positive mindset?

Learning to be the best version of you is often learning to see the big picture of your life. Successful people aren’t perfect people, but they are people who try to move in the right direction.

Human beings are imperfect, so don’t try to expect perfection from yourself. It won’t happen. Let your goal be to put in the hard work, to learn from your old self, and to live the best life you can. None of us can ask for more than that. 

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