55+ Best Manifestation Journal Prompts For Mental Health And Healing

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If you are looking to manifest something new into your life, these are the best manifestation journal prompts for making things happen. Learn how to take the first step!

A grey table with a journal, a pen, a cell phone, and a bunch of yellow tulips next to the words 50 best manifestation journal prompts for mental health and healingWe all have hopes and dreams, but throwing a coin into a fountain is not likely to get you what you want. One of the biggest problems that many people have is that they wish for things that never come true. But there is a better way of turning your dreams into reality. 

Using various manifestation methods, anyone can put themselves on the road to success. It is when positive emotion meets vision meets intention that big things happen and we start to see things from a different perspective. 

What Is Manifestation In Mental Health?

There are many definitions of manifestation and many that we are all familiar with. You may see a movie sorcerer manifest something through magic, people creating vision boards for their ideal partner, or children wishing on stars. 

All of this comes back to a very similar theme that we’ve been exposed to our entire lives. At the end of the day, manifestation is bringing something into your life through intentional action, belief, and the power of your mind.

You may be familiar with the law of attraction, which suggests that positive thoughts yield positive results, and the saying “Chance favors the prepared mind.” When we set our intentions towards living our best life, we invite new things into the present moment. 

All of this said, while manifestation can be a powerful tool in and of itself, it is just as important to consider the new habits and small steps that you can take to make your dreams a reality. 

Who Should Use Manifestation Journal Prompts?

Manifestation journaling is for everyone. Reminding yourself of what you want out of life and creating manifestation journal examples for yourself to look back on is a powerful way of setting your life intentions. 

One of the fastest ways to get yourself focused on living a better version of your life – the one that you see in your mind’s eye – is to work out a dream log and different ways of moving forward. 

Everyone wants to experience growth in their life, so these law of attraction journal prompts can be relevant for anyone. They are great for getting out of a negative mindset and focusing some pure energy on what you love, your hopes, and your dreams. 

How To Use This Manifestation List

This list of 50 prompts is there for your journal entries when you need a little nudge. While journaling can be an incredibly powerful manifestation tool, everyone gets stuck sometimes. 

There are no set rules for journaling. Whether you prefer to write your journal entry every single morning or on less than a daily basis, your journaling routine is up to you. 

The most effective way to use this list is casually – different people will approach it differently. If you are focused on your love life, skip to the questions that address that process of manifestation. Or start from the first question and work down to the last. 

There are also no wrong answers and no wrong way to journal. To make the most of this journaling practice, you may want to write more than a single sentence, but if something doesn’t strike you and that’s all that you have, move on to something else the next day. 

Why A Manifestation Journal Can Help

Everyone has big dreams, but we may not have a clear vision about how to achieve them. If you make a daily practice of investing your energy into a powerful manifestation journal, you can much more easily put yourself on the right path to great things. 

The best part about asking and answering the right questions is that they lead you on a path to self discovery. There is no commitment to anything you write down. You may find that what you thought you wanted is less important than something else. Learning more about yourself gives you a better chance of reaching your dreams. 

Where To Find A Manifestation Journal

There are all types of journals that are available. If you enjoy the written word and want to pick up a daily journal that you can write in with a pen, check your local bookstores, Promptly Journals, TargetWalmart, or Amazon

If you’d prefer a digital journal, there are various phone apps to choose from or you could sign up for a free website and publish a blog post each day just for yourself.  

The most important thing is to choose a platform that works best for you. When you plan to interact with something every single day, it comes down to the little things. Make sure that you enjoy the way you are journaling or you won’t be comfortable. 

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If you want to continue your journaling journey after these prompts, here are some more ideas:

How To Start Your Manifestation Journal 

Once you have your manifesting journal, looking at all of the blank pages can feel a little intimidating. As with anything else, the easiest way to start something is to take the first step. 

Without spending much time, choose one of the manifestation journal ideas from below and start writing. Think about your deepest desires and the best way you can achieve them. If you don’t have answers, that’s fine. Most of these are long-term goals, so just planting the seeds can begin your manifestation method. 

Can Relying On Manifestation Be Dangerous?

Yes and no. If everyone could manifest their hopes and wishes into reality by only investing positive energy, most people would be retired millionaires in happy marriages with a private island and a personal chef. It takes more than just positive thoughts to get circumstances to turn out the way you want them. 

Things don’t typically happen because we wish them to be. So the question exists – what are you going to do about it? Beginning the manifestation process is both about positive thinking as well as taking action. 

When you invest time and energy into your hopes and dreams, your subconscious mind is aware of them. It seeps into everyday life and impacts both your thought process and your actions. 

Wishing on an eyelash is a great way to remind yourself of what you want, but embarking on a manifestation journey has to be about much more or you’ll never reach your goal.  

Journal Prompts For Manifestation

1. Make a list of things you’d like to see happen in your life. What is one new thing that you can do for each item to propel you towards that goal? 

2. Describe a situation where you believe you were in the right place at the right time. How did that change your life?

3. If you were a blank page in a book, how would you begin your new story and why?

4. What limiting beliefs are keeping you from reaching your goals?

5. What magical thinking can you identify within yourself? 

6. In what areas of your life are you actively working towards a goal? Why are those important to you?

7. What do you hope will happen that you aren’t putting any effort into? 

8. What do you wish you could tell your future self to start doing differently now?

9. Write three body-positive affirmations to say to yourself. Why are those the ones you chose?

10. What is your dream job? What can you do to make that dream a reality?

11. Where do you go to experience good vibes? Why does that place affect you? 

12. Describe your ideal day. What is it about that day that makes you want to live it? 

13. Who in your life helps you bring out your best self and what do they do to influence you in that way? 

14. Are you actively trying to manifest love? What efforts are you putting into the goal and what could you do differently? 

15. What personality traits do you have that naturally bring about good things? 

16. What personality traits do you have that naturally hinder your progress? 

17. What are you currently doing to help your physical health? What could you be doing a little bit better?

18. What does your dream vacation look like? Why did you choose it and what can you do to help make it a reality?

19. Are you a mostly positive person or a mostly negative person? How do you feel that affects your growth?

20. Describe your ideal love interest. From this list, what is a deal-breaker and what is negotiable? 

21. What are some negative thoughts that you have about yourself? How do these hinder you from becoming the best version of yourself?

22. What is your dream pet and why? 

23. In what area of your life are you working to your full potential? What makes you say that and are you proud of yourself? 

24. Name something that you would like to change by next year. What first step can you take to manifest that change?

25. Think about the things that you say no to continually. What is one old belief that you may need to reevaluate to stop hindering your personal growth? This can be something you were taught or something you decided on years ago. 

26. List three positive things that you see in your future. What would achieving those things do for your life? 

27. Name one positive action that you would like to begin taking in your daily life. 

28. What are some of your favorite quotes? Why do they speak to you? 

29. Who provides you with an emotionally safe space? Why can you trust this person and how does their influence impact your future? 

30. Name someone you look up to. What about them do you appreciate and how can you bring those qualities into your own behavior? 

31. Do you have good communication skills? Why or why not and what can you do to make a change? 

32. List some morning intentions for the day. What can you do to help yourself follow through with them? 

33. What would you like your financial situation to look like? What can you realistically do to make that happen? 

34. What have you already manifested into your life with hard work and good fortune? 

35. If you were to create a vision board, what types of pictures would you include? Do this for specific areas of your life or one overall picture. 

36. What is one of your major life successes? What did you have to do to reach that accomplishment? 

37. What would your dream life look like if you could make it into anything you wanted it to be? What can you do to begin the journey there?

38. What is a dream hobby of yours? What is one step that you can take to make it a reality?

39. Do you think people believe in you? How does or doesn’t that affect your ability to create the future you want?

40. What are you most grateful for? How can that feeling help you to attract what else you want? 

41. What is your relationship with anger? How does that hurt or help your future success? 

42. What would your dream house look like and what do you think that says about you?

43. What movie do you wish you could live in personally and why? 

44. What book do you wish you could live in personally and why?

45. What brings you inner peace? What is it about this person, place, or thing that affects you this way?

46. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Does any part of you still dream of that? Why or why not?

47. Name three things that you appreciate and would like more of in your life. 

48. What do you daydream about? Is there a way to make it a reality?

49. What habits do you have that will get you where you want to be?

50. What do you most hope for in your life?

51. If someone else was to write one of your dreams in your dream journal, what would it be? 

52. Do you approach life with a positive mindset? Why do you think that is? 

53. How does posting on social media make you feel and why? 

54. How does reading what others post on social media make you feel and why? 

55. What problems do you think financial abundance would help with and why? 

56. What is the first thing that you think you should do to help your dreams come true and why? 

57. What is one of your wildest dreams and is there anything you can do to make it happen in real life? 

58. Have you ever had a burning desire for something or someone? What came of that situation? 

59. List three life goals that you know you can make happen. Why are these important goals for you?

These manifestation journal prompts are just a jumping-off point. Successful manifestation requires both positive intention and action.

Your personal life and financial success won’t change just because you hope they will. Take your life to the next level and discover your higher self with manifestation practice. You will see the results! 

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