How To Save At The Hairdresser

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Going to the salon to get your hair done is fun, but the hair salon expenses can make it feel incredibly daunting. It doesn’t have to be like that, though! These tips for saving money at the hairdresser are going to take the intimidation out of the picture so that you can just enjoy getting your hair done like you should – without worrying if you are going to go broke.

Know What You Want – More often than not, a haircut can end up looking a lot different from what you expected. Make sure you bring a picture of the exact style you want – and if you want it any different, don’t be afraid to tell the hairdresser in detail exactly how! Nothing is worse than paying for a haircut that turns out to be the complete opposite of what you initially wanted. That just means that you’ll have to come back and pay once again just to fix it. It is best to save yourself the time and money by chatting with the stylist to make sure they have the same picture in their mind before they start cutting away. It isn’t always easy to find your voice in these situations, but it’s extremely important.

Go Somewhere New – If you have a beauty school near you, try it out! They usually have discounted prices – so not only are you getting a cheaper haircut, you are helping a student get more experience. Most schools are actively looking for participants to have their hair cut, so put yourself on the list! You can also look around online and find salons close to you that charge less than your usual salon. Do not be afraid to try out these options! You could end up finding a hairdresser that you love at half the cost.

Avoid Being Persuaded – Don’t let your hairdresser talk you into doing any extra treatments or buying any products that you don’t really need. Also, do not feel bad saying no to these things – it is their job to try to upsell. You went to get your hair done and that is all you should leave with. Avoid extra expenses at all costs.

Do It At Home – When it comes to dying your hair, you will need to keep your roots touched up. Whatever you may be told, you don’t have to go to a salon and pay $40 to have it done. You can do it at home by yourself – or with someone’s help if you’d like – for only $6 to $10. Many stores carry boxed root touch-up kits – or you can even just use a boxed dye that matches your hair color. Watch for manufacturer’s coupons and sales to keep those costs down!

Shampoo And Dry Yourself – Salons will charge you for washing your hair before a cut, and sometimes drying it afterward. Be sure to wash your hair before you go to the hairdresser in order to cut the cost. Asking them not to dry your hair after the cut can be tricky business since you’ll likely want to see the finished (dry) style, but you may want to ask if there would be savings if you opted out. Just so you know where you can cut corners if you ever really need to.

Use Coupons And Discounts – Keep your eye out for store coupons, as almost all salons will offer them. Go to websites like Groupon or LivingSocial where they always have deals on beauty and salon treatments. In fact, their prices usually reflect 25%-50% savings. Again, you may have to go to a hairdresser that you aren’t used to, but it may be worth it for the reduced price!

Going for a haircut or dye job will cost you. Finding out the best ways for how to save at the hairdresser in your area is vital when you are watching your budget. Don’t let your trip to the salon get you down, just get prepared for what to expect! Do you have any additional tips? Please share them in the comments!

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