How To Save On Wedding Flowers

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Wedding Flowers

How To Save On Wedding Flowers

When planning for a wedding, you have to consider everything – and everything is quite a lot! The dress, the flowers, the entertainment – the list goes on and on. But there are ways to save. 

Wedding flowers aren’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t save money. There are several great ways to reduce the cost of a bouquet, boutonnieres, and centerpiece flowers for your special day. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Ask Your Florist for Suggestions

There is no better person to ask about reducing the cost of wedding flowers than your florist. Think about it – he or she always knows what’s in season and what isn’t, what they may have overstock of during any given time, or what less expensive options are that can be married with more expensive options. Florists are also great at suggesting a less expensive alternative to a really expensive bloom that you may have had in mind.

Be honest about your budget constraints – if there are any – right from the beginning. It is the best way to make the process of choosing and purchasing your wedding flowers go as smoothly as possible.

Consider Your Location

If you’re getting married in a garden or someplace equally beautiful, you probably don’t need huge floral centerpieces. Opting for something on a smaller scale not only saves you money, it also makes it much easier for your wedding guests to communicate with the people sitting across the table from them.

If you are at the beach or in a barn, think about what flowers would compliment them rather than the more expensive options you’ve had in your mind. Your guests will be taking in the entire scene, not only the flower choices. 

Incorporate Greenery and Non-Floral Options Into Your Arrangements

When utilized correctly, incorporating greenery into your arrangements is not only beautiful, but affordable. Branches are a great addition, because their length occupies empty airspace. Using a greenery wreath for your centerpieces (with something other than flowers in the middle) is a great way to get the best of both worlds. 

Non-floral options such as forsythia, pussy willow and dogwood are also perfect vertical elements for wedding centerpieces. Plus, they don’t require a tall vase in order to remain in an upright position. Try to think outside of the box and you will have something memorable and affordable. 

Limit the Variety

Do you really need eight or nine different flowers in your bouquet and centerpieces? Probably not. Flower suppliers charge florists more for small quantities of flowers, so sticking to three or four different varieties may keep both their and your costs down.

Remain Open-Minded

Many people have been dreaming about their wedding – and all of the specifics – for years. But at some point – particularly if you are on a budget – you have to let some of that go. Stay open-minded and see what happens! 

Your florist is the one who does this professionally, so bring them your notes and tell them to run with them. Let them know what you do and don’t like, what colors you are going for, and what your budget is. Then let them surprise you with the final result in the days before the big day. 

These are just a few ways to slash your wedding flower budget, but a lot of it is about the attitude you bring to the table. Instead of thinking of your budget as smaller, think of it as a challenge. Let your professionals help you with the work and be open to the suggestions that they bring. 

We never know what we don’t know, which is why it is important to do some research. Don’t purchase the first bouquet or boutonnieres that steal your heart. There are so many beautiful options out there that there is no reason to cripple your future with debt when you can get something meaningful and lovely for a lower price. 


  1. Costco carries flowers and have very good reviews. Even if you get the bouquet from a florist consider Costco for your centerpieces. My daughter had a beautiful wedding with mismatched vases from Goodwill and Dollar Tree with lace tied around each one and Gravel from Menard’s to support the sunflowers and babies breath. It was simple and beautiful. Plus you could see the person across the table from you.

    1. Costco is a great suggestion! And that sounds beautiful with the mismatched vases. I love the idea!

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