Cheap Date Ideas For Married And Dating Couples

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Cheap Date Ideas For Married And Dating Couples

Whether you’re newlyweds, dating, or have been married for decades, dates are essential. Sometimes when we have kids and have to worry about taking care of the family as a whole, nurturing a relationship can end up sitting on the back burner. When finances are tight, it’s easy to use that as an excuse to stay home instead of going out on a date. Have no fear! These cheap date ideas for married and dating couples will get you two back to love bird status in no time.

Go on a coin walk – This works best if you go downtown, or somewhere with a lot of sidewalks. Flip a coin to see which way you go, then when you reach the next crosswalk or corner, flip the coin again. Heads is right, Tails is left. Keep flipping until you’re lost – but not too lost – and then try to find the quickest way back to your car! As a bonus, stop by a food truck for a quick (and cheap!) treat!

Be a tourist in your own city – Just as you would if you were an out-of-towner, plan a trip around your own city. If you Google “free things to do in (your city)”, you’ll have tons of ideas to get you started. Don’t forget your camera!

Go see a play – You can usually get free or super cheap tickets to local productions if you really look. Your best bet is either at the high school or college level, but there are often other free options as well! Check the calendar to see what’s coming up and plan to see a show with your partner. Make a dinner at home together before you go if you want to save extra money. Want to splurge? Get some savings on a local restaurant and eat there on your way to the play. Cheap date ideas can often be as thrifty or as expensive as you choose!

Have a thrift store date – Each partner gets $5 (or $10, whatever suits your budget) and has to find the coolest, weirdest stuff in that price range. You don’t necessarily have to buy it, but you have to stay within your budget anyway. Take pictures and post them on Facebook – have your friends vote on who has the coolest finds! With any money that you have left over, stop for ice cream on the way home!

Try a new sport – Sports don’t have to be super intense, nor do they have to be expensive. There are many low-impact sports you can take part in without spending an arm and a leg. Think jogging, swimming, bowling, and even golf. You could even take a ball to the park and play catch! Whoever misses catching the ball owes one minute of back massage time to the other. Or if you’re up for a more competitive challenge, try something like rollerblading or tennis!

Some other ideas for free and cheap date ideas include:

  • Binge watching your favorite Netflix shows with a bowl of popcorn
  • Free outdoor concerts
  • Hiking – take photos of the gorgeousness along the way!
  • Camping – in the backyard even, if you don’t like “actual” camping.
  • Cook a meal together
  • Picnic lunch at the beach or a park

Dates aren’t about how much money you have to spend – they’re about spending time with your partner! What’s your favorite inexpensive date idea? Let me know by leaving a comment!


  1. I like your idea to take a coin walk, I’ve never heard of that before. It’s a neat way to make time just to talk, explore, and maybe even get a little lost like you said. Another idea you can add to this list is to check online for event calendars at local landmarks to see what activities are available.

  2. I like your idea to try a new sport for a date. A sport that’s always fun to try with a partner is mini golf. It’s usually not too hard to pick up for anyone like me who doesn’t have much athletic skill.

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