Cheap Summer Vacation Ideas For Couples

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Cheap Summer Vacations

It is no secret that even without trying, it is possible to spend a ton of money on a summer vacation. There are so many things to consider that the costs just begin adding up. Don’t panic! There are many ways to save money on warm-weather vacations when you want to get away with your honey. 

Before planning what you want to do and where you want to go, take a look at your budget. Have a real idea of how much you can afford to spend so that you can nix the costly ideas right off the bat and create a reasonable list of ideas that you can manage. Here are some of those ideas to get you started: 

Book a Last-Minute Cruise

Normally, paying for passage on a cruise ship is very pricey. However, if you wait to book a spot at the last minute, you may be able to get a much better deal. Why? The last thing the cruise line wants is to set sail with a ton of empty cabins, restaurant tables, and entertainment seats. So, they’re likely to offer low rates and discounts just before the start of the cruise.

Considering the fact that all of your meals and the majority of your entertainment on-board is covered, it works out to be a fantastic value. There are all types of cruises as well, so don’t write this off just because you’re not near an ocean. There are also river cruises to explore. Think about where you are willing to drive (to save on the cost of airline tickets) and see what you can work out. 

Here’s another tip. It is also possible to save money on a cruise by booking several months or even a year or two ahead of time. Some cruise lines take reservations up to three years in advance, so do a little research on their history of pricing and, if you know you’ll have the vacation time, try to get a discount whenever you can.

Explore a National Park

There are 61 national parks in the United States; all protected areas meant to preserve the natural state of the environment. Pick a park (close by) that interests both of you and plan a road trip. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to get there so you can stop at attractions that pique your interest along the way.

Once you get to the park, either camp there or find an affordable hotel room nearby so you can spend a night or two exploring the park and the surrounding area. Try to become one with nature! Try yoga at the park, bird-watching, picnicking, hiking or just bring some books and enjoy the natural sounds. Whatever you do, make sure you’re doing it together.

Find a Less Trendy Destination

Taking a vacation to a popular spot like Paris or Hawaii usually costs a fortune. Instead of going there, think outside the box and book a less expensive destination. Think about places within the U.S., Canada or South America. There are lots of amazing destinations that you may not have thought of. 

Do some research on the sort of place you want to visit and try to find similar places that aren’t often thought of as a tourist destination. Not only do these locations tend to have cheaper hotel rates, travel rates to and from the area should also be lower. Alternative choices like these tend to be less crowded than more iconic tourist destinations as well.

For example, what do you like to do on vacation? Go somewhere warm and lay out under the sun? What about Texas, the Carolinas or Arizona? Do you want to explore a city with nightlife and activities? Try Chicago for a larger urban area (I’m partial because I live here!) or something like St. Louis or Kansas City. Want to go skiing? You don’t have get to the Swiss Alps or Aspen. There are some great places in Wyoming and Vermont. 

Make It a Double Date

If you’re looking for ways to seriously trim the costs of your summer vacation, consider talking to friends or family members about taking the vacation with you. Invite another couple to go with you to share a hotel room or small condo along with the costs of travel and lodgings.

Remember, you don’t have to spend every minute of your vacation with your friends. You can always split up to attend events or attractions (on your own) throughout the day and meet up with your friends again for dinner or once you’re back at the hotel. This allows you all to have a getaway and they get the benefit of the discounts as well. 

Have a Staycation in Your Hometown

If you don’t have a ton of time to travel, consider having a staycation in your hometown or one very close to yours. If you are in a city, get a hotel room in the suburbs or in the heart of downtown and pretend you are a tourist. Go to all of the museums and attractions that you never get to see. Or don’t and book a day with your honey at a spa like King Spa and Sauna

If you live in a smaller town, drive to somewhere a little ways away that has restaurants and attractions that you’ve never been to. Enjoy being in the hotel and checking out all that there is to see. 

These are just a few ideas, in regards to taking an inexpensive summer vacation as a couple. Remember, it’s not where you are, it is who you are with that counts. Come up with some fun things to do and some fun sites to see and you’ve got the recipe to a fantastic getaway. 

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