Do Something Kind Today – By Mail

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Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives that we forget that there are tiny little kind things that we can do for others. They cost no money, they take only moments of your time and they brighten someone else’s day.

I recently got a package in the mail from my friend Bolaji. It was a book from his AMAZING comic series for kids (and adults) that I was lucky enough to win during a giveaway that he held. These books are about unique comic heroes who have issues just like you or your children may have. For example, the book that I received is called “Kid Celver,” about a boy who is both egotistical and dyslexic, but also a superhero. I love the ideas behind his characters and plan to tell you more about them in the future!

ANYWAY, Bolaji sent me the book in the mail. I am from Chicago, I LOVE Chicago and I am a Chicago girl. He knows this and has called me “The Mayor of Chicago” a number of times. When I received the package, I looked at the label. It made me laugh out loud and warmed my heart. It took him no time to do, it cost absolutely nothing and yet, I still smile when I see it in the photo above. Thanks my friend!

My point is that little things can change someone’s day, week, month or year. The little actions that show that you care or that someone cares about you. Do you have any stories to share? I’d love to hear them! Leave a comment here or email me with them and, with your permission, I’d love to post them for others to see!


  1. When my children when young, I wanted to teach them that doing nice things for others was very gratifying. Better than getting the “gift” yourself. We would ask people in line at the grocery store if we could help unload their groceries or take back carts in the parking lot and of course hold doors. I will say ASK first. Sometimes people do not want help but most time they were very appreciative and had kind words to return. It’s a day maker! When possible we did the pay it backwards in drive thru’s and I remember my son saying, “Mom, I saw that lady’s face and she was smiling like it was her best day ever!” The rewards are very worth the little effort of being kind.

    1. Those are lovely stories!! And so true. It’s the littlest things that brighten someone’s day.
      You also make an excellent point in the asking first!! Some people don’t want the help or the gesture. 🙂

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