If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

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We are the only ones who can change our lives because we control our own destiny. If nothing changes, nothing changes. It is up to you!

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Change isn’t easy. It might be exciting, it might be painful, it might be unnerving, but it is never easy. There’s no way to feel comfortable within change. You never know what’s going to happen and if you can’t be sure of the outcome, you don’t feel in control.

Some people love this feeling and others not so much, but the common factor among all of it is that change usually yields some kind of results. And in our lives, where a constant movement forward is important, change is the key.

Quotes Endure For A Reason

We all know that I am a big fan of motivational quotes, and Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes has always spoken to me.

This is a variation of other similar inspirational quotes (although this one has been trademarked by Brian Mazza), but they all mean the same thing. You cannot expect to get different results or see a different outcome if you are not taking the first step toward new things. 

Much like the definition of insanity, this is one of the popular life quotes that reminds us that getting stuck is actually a bad habit.

If you want to make real successful change efforts and have a new life (or at least positive changes within the life you enjoy), you have to do the hard work to make the small changes. Even baby steps can make for important change in your life, so don’t discount them. 

We All Get Stuck

It took me five years to graduate from college. I had a fantastic college experience for the first half. I was a Theater major, I went to parties, I studied when it occurred to me, I had lots of friends – it was an amazing experience; one that I would wish for anyone.

I learned so much about who I was away from my parents – what I thought was fun and what wasn’t, who I could trust, and why. We rehearsed in the black box theater until 3 AM and waited on the corner for the pizza guy to deliver. You get hungry when you work (or play?) so hard!

I performed in an improv group every Friday and Saturday and ate up every single experience – except school. My classes kind of fell to the back-burner and I found myself dropping French 101 or ditching Science 103.

In those moments, I knew it was the right choice to drop my classes since I wasn’t going anyway, but I also knew that I’d have to face my parents and deal with the fact that I was wasting time and money. That said, I was so engrossed in my own life experience that I just couldn’t see anything else.

Who Am I? 

Then things began to fall apart. Loving all of my experiences as an actor and stage manager, I also knew that the school I was attending wasn’t for me. The people I was surrounding myself with were friends that I loved dearly, but likely weren’t going to help me move in any direction. I was completely lost and searching for what was right.

The biggest issue was that no one could answer the question of what was right – including me. My parents loved me but didn’t know the new girl I was. My best friends planned to either live in my college town forever or move to L.A. and try to work in film, neither of which I wanted. No one really knew me anymore and I was struggling.

Even after transferring schools, moving cities, and hopping from one college major to the next, I was spinning. I was depressed, had very few friends, and couldn’t find my footing. I started therapy with a wonderful woman who helped me walk through my depression some, so things began to look up a bit.

I worked diligently to see my path, but it just wasn’t forming in front of me. I was going to school by day and serving tables and bartending at Red Lobster by night. That was my entire life – when I’d finally had enough.

Time To Make A Change

Deciding that I was going to drop out of school was about the scariest decision that I’d had to make thus far. If you know me well, you know that once I make a decision about myself, I rarely go back. So this was now my plan, no discussion.

I didn’t know what I was doing, but instead of continuing to spin, I was going to drop out of school, work for a while, and get my head together. Did I think I’d never return? I left myself the option to go back, but I didn’t share that with anyone else. It was time to make a real change.

I remember thinking that if I could tell my grandma that I was dropping out, I could tell anyone – so I called her first. She wasn’t pleased, but she dealt with it (what could she say?) and it was over. I proceeded to tell my parents and brother next, and then there was no going back.

And so it was. I served tables, bartended, went home and slept. That was my life for about 4 weeks. I worked hard, I made tips, I was able to support myself and that was that. I relaxed and let my mind wander.

Good New Began To Peek Through

I had always loved psychology and I’d always loved people. This was a part of life that I looked at as a hobby, but I’d always been afraid to really dive in. What if I hated it and it ruined the entire field of study for me?

That worry was always there, but once I’d made the huge change and dropped out, I wasn’t so scared anymore. No one expected me to do anything specific to education any longer, so I could do what I felt drawn to and this was it.

Five weeks into my hiatus from school I looked into changing my major. I was a young adult who finally decided that it was time for a new beginning. It was the first time I had stood on my own two feet to make an important change for my own life. 

For the next year and a half, I went to school through the summer, took extra classes, got extra credits wherever I could, and loved it. I volunteered, helped to run graduate student research projects – anything that would earn me an extra credit or three. I knew where I was going and I was ready to be done. I wasn’t spinning anymore and I finally graduated.

That isn’t to say that I didn’t have a bad day here and there. I was still struggling with depression and some other physical challenges, but I could finally look to the near future, if not further. And having made this kind of major decision for my life, I felt like the next time might be easier. 

At The End Of The Day, You Can Do This

What’s important to remember is that even if you are scared, even if people expect things of you, even if you expect certain things from yourself – nothing is going to change if you don’t change it. It’s never going to be perfect, but it is going to be different. And once you make that change, it’s up to you to continue to create your destiny.

The good news is that you are the one in charge, no one else. You are the only one who can do anything about your life and your path. Take the bull by the horns, go out there, and make your life a great one.

Make the changes that you need to make to drive you into that next bit of wonderful. All it takes is the courage to discover the unknown. It’s not easy, but it could be amazing.

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