Romantic Ideas For Couples On A Budget

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When it comes to romantic ideas, I know that we all want to go on a cruise or away to a spa in order to show the love that we have for our partners. Unfortunately, it’s usually not easily affordable and those aren’t romantic ideas that you can offer daily. That said, there are lots of gestures that you can make that will cost you very little. The important part is letting your loved one know that you are thinking about them. Here are a handful of romantic ideas for couples on a budget.

Make breakfast in bed
This can be as easy as serving cereal on a bed tray or eggs, bacon and toast, but it’s all about the gesture. Knowing what your love likes to eat and how they take their coffee are things that will make anyone smile. Including something like a flower from the backyard, some Skittles or chocolates to decorate the plate is always fun as well.

Leave notes around the house
Leaving little Post-Its on the refrigerator, in travel luggage or on a desk is a very sweet way to make someone’s day. Or if you have the opportunity, sneak into the bathroom while your love is taking a shower and leave a note on the steamy mirror. You can leave these little messages as often as the mood takes you. Change up the note locations regularly if you can. Think everywhere from pants pockets to on top of a sandwich to attached to the steering wheel. Have fun with it!

Give a massage
Let’s face it, we’re all exhausted at the end of the day. Giving your partner a foot, head, hand or back massage will make them putty in your hands and give you good quality time together. Ask about their day, talk about life or just the latest movie you watched, but take this time to really be together.

Run a bath
Not just for the ladies! Running a bath for your partner is a gesture that anyone can make when they are wanting to offer a little stress relief. Turn on some music, add some bath salts, bubbles or oil if you have them and encourage your love to take half an hour to relax.

Go for a walk
Taking your partner’s hand and going for even a walk around the block can be romantic! Discuss your day, your hopes, your dreams, the squirrel that just ran by – anything – just be together. During this walk, phones stay in your pockets just in case of an emergency. Do not take them out otherwise!

Do the chores
Completing the chores that usually belong to your mate is a SUPER romantic thing to do, whether you realize it right away or not. Do the dishes, mow the lawn, clean the bathroom – whatever chore you know your partner will have to spend time doing when they get home. When they find that it’s already done, you’ll have time for that walk!

Play games
Break out the board games, the cards or a jigsaw puzzle and get down to business. Games can be a super fun way to put your competitive spirit in play and challenge your opponent. Have fun with it! Don’t take it too seriously and do something that you never make time for.

Give a little gift
Whether it be a flower from your garden or a piece of chocolate, everyone likes to be thought of. Pick up a $.50 bag of your honey’s favorite chips, draw a picture to leave on their pillow or have their favorite music playing when they walk in the door after work. It’s the thought that counts!

Go on a picnic
This can be at a park or in your backyard, but packing a little picnic and enjoying the day is a very romantic gesture for most. Grab a blanket, beverages and a snack or full meal (sandwiches, chips and fruit travel well!) and enjoy the afternoon. If you have the time, spend a little while people watching or finding cloud shapes in the sky together.

Light some candles
If you have some candles, light them and turn off all the lights. You can do this at any time of the evening, during dinner or after. Just changing the ambiance is something that can make the most average night a romantic one.

Hold hands
Sometimes it can be difficult to unwind after a long day, but holding hands might do the trick! It’s the smallest gesture, but it tells someone that you care for them and want to be close to them. Whether it be in your house, at the mall or at the movies, your partner will value the reminder.

There are all kinds of ways to be romantic on a budget! Do you have other romantic ideas? I’d love to hear what you do!

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