Mindfulness Meditation Exercises – Month #11

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Pink flower with mental health exercisesTime for month eleven of Mindfulness Meditation exercises! You can read through all the previous Mindfulness Meditation months to get yourself going before this one, but then come back to join us here!

Mindfulness Meditation is about finding ways to help center yourself. These exercises are meant to help you find some peace within yourself, and help guide you towards a more calm and positive existence. You can practice these activities on the train, in the car, in the bathroom, at a restaurant – wherever works for you. The most important thing is to do them – and do them consistently – in order to see their effectiveness on your life.

Mindfulness Meditation Exercise – Month #11

This exercise is about remembering that you are a part of nature. Here is my challenge to you:

Go outside and get some fresh air every day.

I am not sure whether you realize it, but you may be inside a lot of the time. With work, school, family, chores, and everything else that happens in a typical day, most modern day lives lend themselves to being inside. And while our responsibilities are (usually) a good thing and very necessary, it is also important for you to remember that you are a part of the greenery and fresh air outside. Take a minute – whether on your way to the car, on your way to mail a letter, while walking from the car to the grocery store, etc. – to take a good, deep breath of fresh air. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Think about it while you are doing it. Try to appreciate that moment of peace and connectivity to nature and the fresh air. While this exercise will take you only seconds, it may end up feeling like a mini meditation each and every day. Good luck!

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