Mindfulness Meditation Exercises – Month #4

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Time for month four of Mindfulness Meditation exercises! You can read through all the previous Mindfulness Meditation months to get yourself going before this one, but then come back to join us here!

Mindfulness Meditation is about finding ways to help center yourself. These exercises are meant to help you find some peace within yourself, and help guide you towards a more calm and positive existence. You can practice these activities on the train, in the car, in the bathroom, at a restaurant – wherever works for you. The most important thing is to do them – and do them consistently – in order to see their effectiveness on your life.

Mindfulness Meditation Exercise – Month #4

This is about being kind to others and giving of yourself. It takes very little to make little moves, and little moves are often what can change someone’s day. Here is my challenge to you:

Do something kind for someone today. At the end of the day, write it in a notebook (meant for these exercises) so that you can reference.

Doing something kind can be almost anything, but the intention is to make you see what good you already do in this world. Whether you are giving your child a hug, paying someone a compliment, holding the door open for someone, or anything else, it is your choice. I’m sure that many of these things may happen naturally, but I want you to call attention to them for yourself. These are moments that you are giving to someone else, so see them that way as opposed to, “I didn’t want to step on that lady’s shoes, so I opened the door for her” or “I needed a hug, so I hugged my child.” This is about the other person and slowly changing your perspective on how little things are actually larger than you realize. Write these moments in a notebook so that you can look at them later and reference the positivity you’ve contributed. Good luck!

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