Mindfulness Meditation Exercises – Month #1

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Everyone has rough days. We have have rough weeks, rough months, rough years – rough times. There aren’t always actions that we can take to make those moments better, but there are little things that can start to turn the tide. Mindfulness meditation is something that we can all do with just a minute or two of our day. You can practice these activities on the train, in the car, before bed, at dinner – whenever works for you. The most important thing is to do them – and do them consistently – in order to see their effectiveness on your life. So let’s start with one of my favorite exercises:

Mindfulness Meditation Exercise – Month #1

One of the routines that I practice with my family is trying to find the good things on a daily basis. Here is my challenge to you:

Name three good things that happened today. Write them in a notebook (meant for this purpose) or speak them out loud to another person.

These three things can be ANYTHING. Some examples to get you started (that I’m pulling off the top of my head): The sun is shining. It is 48 degrees in February. I watched a fun tv show. My kids smiled at me. I enjoyed my lunch. I didn’t throw up today (this is not something that happens regularly by any means, but I’m glad it didn’t happen today!). I saw a commercial that made me laugh. My clothing is comfortable. ANYTHING. The important thing is to name three each day and to try not to name the same things over and over unless the same thing truly changed your day. If you choose “the sun is shining” every single day for a week, then make yourself list four good things!

My kids and I do this at night during bedtime, but we’ve also had this discussion at dinner and in the car. It is just a matter of incorporating it into your day. It is a matter of finding something to be thankful for and seeing some beauty in the world. It won’t change the tough times, but it will slowly impact the way you see the world.

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