What To Serve With Taco Salad – The 50 Best Dishes!

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If you have wondered what to serve with taco salad, this list of 50 of the best dishes will be the answer for you! New and classic ideas!

A Taco Salad in a taco shell with the words What To Serve With A Taco Salad

Easy Taco Salad Sides

Whether you are thinking about lunch or dinner, a taco salad is one of those staples that always hits the spot. But when it comes to what to pair with one, that can be a little bit of a mystery. Here are some ideas for what to serve with taco salad that won’t let you down!

Easy Taco Salads

I have two taco salads that are my absolute favorites. 

This Taco Salad with Fritos is served in a trifle dish and looks amazing since you can see the layers through the glass. A vegetarian taco salad, this dish is layered with crunchy corn chips, crisp lettuce, pinto beans, tomato and so much more. Serve it with your favorite salad dressing (I suggest Catalina dressing or a Chipotle Ranch) or eat it as it is!

This Taco Salad with Doritos is an easy taco salad recipe made with crunchy Dorito chips mixed in. Served in a large bowl with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, lean ground beef and more, you can eat this dish for lunch, dinner or leftovers. Top this Dorito taco salad recipe with a French dressing, Catalina or choose your favorite. 

Here are some things that you can serve with your classic taco salad recipe. They range from new recipes that you may not have thought of to classic staples, but they are all great options with fresh ingredients that the whole family will love. 

What to Serve With Taco Salad

When you are serving a delicious taco salad, you have to have the right recipes to pair with it. These scrumptious recipe ideas will not only fill your table, they'll fill your stomach!

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